Frequently asked questions/ or Questions that should be asked.

The majority of people who contact us have never hired a DJ service before. It is important that you ask the right questions when shopping for your Dj. Believe it or not, there are more important questions than simply , How much does it cost?

* How many other events besides mine, will you be performing that night?

Many DJ services can & will do as many as 25-30 other parties in addition to yours. How important can your event be to them?

* What if your equipment breaks down?

Make sure they have backup equipment with them. Even the best systems can fail.

* How do I know I'm getting a experienced, qualified Dj for my event?

Many dj co's will book an event, then search for someone to dj for them. Often paying an unqualified dj only a small amount. So cross your fingers & hope he's good, or ask the name of your dj, before you book.

* What will my DJ wear at my event?

Be careful, a true professional DJ service will dress appropriately . Tell them if its formal, semi formal, or casual.

* Are we being charged for you to set-up?

You should never be charged for set-up or tear down time.

* Can you provide us with a written contract?

If your dealing with a true professional business. They will insist on a written agreement.

* Are you licensed & insured to do business in my State?

This will let you know they are serious about their work, as well as professional. Of course there are other questions you can ask. The idea is to find out if they are legitimate. You do not want to hire someone who might not show-up, or worse, show - up & embarrass you & your guests. Remember you get what you pay for.

To be sure you are dealing with a true professional. They will or should be a member of at least one state or national organization. They should also be registered to do business in your state.

We will arrive at least 1 hr early to properly set up & coordinate with all the other vendors. Our DJ's are experienced & qualified to handle your event.

ALL REQUEST MUSIC proudly holds memberships in N.A.M.E. (National Association of Musical Entertainers)

ADJA (American DJ Association) CPDJA (Colorado Professional DJ Association)